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Only in such

Only in such Except actually correctional work the psychologist conducts explanatory work with teachers, together with them develops strategy and tactics of interaction with everyone the hyperactive pupil, makes the individual program of development of such child.

Only in such situation the teacher in a class or the tutor in kindergarten can not only carry out in practice an individual approach to the special child, help it, but also to give help to the psychologist and doctor.

After all often the teacher sees results medical and psikhologocorrectional impact on the child, as all changes in the child are shown first of all in the educational activity demanding concentration attention, assiduity and strongwilled efforts.

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The family

The family Children have to bring a family relic in an opaque package or and prior to the beginning of a lesson to report to nobody to a bag that this such.

Instruction Sit down, please, in one general circle.

Today we will talk about our families.

The family consists not only of us and our parents, but also of our grandmothers and greatgrandfathers.

we have to be grateful to them for the existence on this earth, they gave us a lot of things from this that fills our life with sense and gives us reliable baggage of the vital experience and knowledge.

Put the packages before yourself on a floor.

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Think up and draw

Think up and draw Questions and tasks to the fairy tale Distribute to children of a card with drawings of leaflets different dere vyev also ask them to thank on behalf of these leaflets a tree for his care of theM. It is possible to distribute to children of a card with drawings of different trees and to ask them to say goodbye on behalf of these trees to the of foxes points.

Think up and draw the fairy tale how pack of leaflets solve la together with migratory birds to make a trip in yuzh ny countries.

FAIRY TALE OF FLOWERS Regina Naumenko, Once upon a time there was a girl who was called Nadezhda.

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Instruction It is especially important to develop thus at them belief that ability to pay attention to various details of world around does life more interesting, and success thus is achieved easier.

Instruction Sit down, please, in one general circle.

I will ask now to you questions, on which only the real detectives or scouts can answer.

You can call any famous detectives or scouts?

The real detective has to be able to see everything and to hear, sometimes he needs to be able and it is good to sniff.

He has to be able to remember with ease pictures, sounds, voices, smells and so further.

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We said

We said This, of course, causes harmful to the child.

Perhaps this is the reason for the phenomenon of so many problems in the latest generation.

There is no substitute for mother and her milk at least, milk nurse.

To summarize.

We said that the integral education of leaves the child is a particularly impressive, with whom he then goes through life using their attitude to the world, as an exemption from the wrong attitude to the world the surrounding.

He is not detached from life, but rather included as dei relevant part, and it has an inner core, which properly direct him throughout life.

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