Otpus tit a shebear

Otpus tit a shebear And you satisfy my request release it with a bear cub podobru to pozdorov.

It will not touch anybody and to offend.

You on obey me, release it!

Thought, peasants consulted and agreed.

Otpus tit a shebear and a bear cub wherever one wishes.

But bears did not escape in the wood, and the boy followed.

Medve the zhonok began to ask to tell again the boy the new fairy tale.

People saw it and speak And pastushonok it was right that to catch a shebear, not only force is also necessary, and still something.

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And how to react

And how to react Parents feel that lose credibility.

Children check our reaction to what can and what cannot.

If he de barks something prohibited, measures permitted us and tries to expand beyond bounds.

And how to react if he is acting out of spite?

To show him how you start to do to spite each other and what if leads your selfishness is happy, as you fight.

And what mutual won numerous Shu you can come by removing competition.

Competition is good, on condition provided that you are competing together to achieve the best result, and no matter who wins, but the important result achieved competition .

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Hunters arrange

Hunters arrange Catching of monkeys Description of games y The children representing monkeys accommodate on odes ache to the party of a platform where there are devices for a manhole niya walls, towers or benches.

On protivopolozh ache to the party of a platform there are playing, you divided the tutor, it is hunters of monkeys.

Obezya ny imitate everything that see.

Using it, hunters want to entice monkeys and to catch theM. Hunters arrange among themselves about what they will do the movements, come to the middle plo shchadka also reproduce the movements conceived by theM. As soon as hunters come to the middle of a platform, monkeys get on a tower and from there observe for movements of hunters.

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Material After that children you polnyat exercises independently.

Where what figures lie of years Purposes to acquaint with classification of figures by two properties color and form; to fix ideas of geometrical figures; to develop the speech, logical thinking, ability to argue and to prove.

Material game field, geometrical figures circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, ovals.

Game action two play.

At everyone a set of figures.

Do the courses in turn.

Each course consists that a kla to get to one figure in the corresponding section of the table.

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E PUNISHING, DO NOT HUMILIATE The next day boys again played soccer by the old ball, and this boy again came with the new ball also began all to offer it.

But nobody wanted on it even to look.

He asked, but boys did not talk to hiM. They pretended that do not see it.

I remembered this case and understood how egoism harms to people.

E PUNISHING, DO NOT HUMILIATE Children almost unanimously claim that to punish them it is necessary if it is fair.

But how to make punishment spraved left and not offensive?

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