Part of becoming

Part of becoming That educators once decided one child to do saponi com, another mechanic, the third painter, without worrying about how they are closing be in life.

Always achieve everything else myself!

Here it is life'll teach you!

As a result, people miserable, depressed, suffer from depression.

Part of becoming criminals, others did not want to leave home because they do not know how the world works and what it is about comes.

The company shall establish such rules that everyone experiences the press Singh and attempts by force to benefit from the middle.

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These are cheerful

These are cheerful And here contrary to truth make the head the expressive eyes, a nice smile.

dlya it is good to use games in a sandbox easily washing layer mass toys such are at each child.

These are cheerful and it is easy the washing plastic animals and birdies multicolored and nice, they are deservedly loved by kids.

Here some more plots for kind games of the kid in a sandbox.

So, Ducklings got lost.

You with the baby help them to get over through mountains and poles in sand, of course!

, find a lodge mamyUtki about a pond.

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The adult

The adult clap mother cotton a mom mu cotton by; when you hear a cow voice, lift a slice up skin, a kitty voice a fur slice.

Exercise in acoustical differentiation of words mu meow.

The adult gives tasks.

When you hear as the kitty speaks, raise hands up, as the cow hands in the parties speaks.

Ma ammu hands in the parties, mimeow hands up.


The adult closes lips the screen and a predla gat to the child when you hear a cow voice, lift a slice up skin, a kitty voice a fur slice.

Speed change exercise tell mamama quickly, clapping on a soft brush, mumu mu slowly, clapping on a rigid brush.

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After a while

After a while Its golden petals, appear, were skillfully are shaped from metal.

After a while again Wang Yu came to a garden and saw, that near its surprising peony there are a young man and the girl, lovers.

They held each other by hands, smiled and about what that were whispered.

Wang Yu did not want to disturb lovers, left, and in the morning saw a small plumelet of emerald color that lay on to bed beside a peony stalk.

Wang Yu home brought it zamecha telny plumelet, thinking that will present it at the first to meeting of the darling.

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SDVG symptoms

SDVG symptoms cannot wait for the turn.

According to these criteria, the otvlekayemost which for the first time appeared at the nineyearold child, not will be considered as SDVG sign.

It should be noted that disturbing frustration neurosises, depression, stressorny factors are not the reason of SDVG.

SDVG symptoms lead to emergence of considerable school problems, and small decrease progress the four on physics at the teenager who studied perfectly well earlier it too not SDVG.

The differential diagnosis at SDVG is carried out with such pathological states, as posttraumatic encephalopathy, neurosises, a tserebroastenichesky syndrome at somatic diseases, consequences of neuroinfections and some other the pathological conditions of tab.

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