And every

And every If we can develop them within the framework of such system of education?

Yes, we can develop them, say in fifth or sixth grade.

And his motivation to be the best in this field should be the desire to benefit society?

Yes, only the desire to benefit society.

And every time he needs but to emphasize that the society wants to see him that way.

Is something very altruistic.

I develop, but only for in order to benefit society.

Besides, when he goes to work, in society, which, I hope, we will build, it will not earn more than others.

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It for a long

It for a long My younger brother!

his wife answered.

It for a long time me searches, the mother absolutely got exhausted, anything about me without knowing.

The prince the Sun and the young man offered each other hands, mudflows for the laid table, started conversation.

Here the young man began to ask it The prince the Sun, release the wife though for three days home to stay for a while, the mother will be delighted, at once will become cheerful and all ostal ny will be glad to the sister, and then you again will take away her.

Well, I will allow to go home her with you, only you at first show, on what you are good.

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Than the friend

Than the friend How many at you friends?

Than you most of all love zani to matsya with the friends?

Tell that you could make kind for each of theM. Than the friend differs from the friend?

That you would advise the person who does not know how priobre st of friends?

ABOUT THE TSAR AND HIS SON Georgian parable There lived one great tsar.

As he grew old and time came to it to die, he called the only son and nasledni also told The son my, you see one foot I already in a grave, not todaytomorrow I will die, and you one will remain, and all kingdom in yours hands will be.

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Let's sum up the preliminary

Let's sum up the preliminary And the man, the opposite is mouth, you need to have a profession, success, society, some space, scope, purpose and only after all this house, wife and children.

Let's sum up the preliminary result of what we talked about.

If I want to organize educational environment for boys and Devo check, that boys should I give to spend more time on the nature, to give more in cottages and actions on the ground.

And the girls need more practice in the house, let them communicate with each other in small groups.

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