At what age should

At what age should In other words, compliance.

At what age should a person sozda their family?

I got married at twentyfive years.

But why it was impossible to do on years before?

It's not about age, but in development.


However, the development includes and physiological aspects.

Say, thinking evolves and changes to fifteen years.

I repeat, everything depends on how we will give the children quickly and PRA Vilna to develop.

You want to say that development can beat?

The children of my students who receive not even in full the education that I speak, I see guys and girls to years already absolutely ready for normal healthy family life.

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You are the best

You are the best Hold a chocolate.

You want, I on the computer will teach you to play?

Ivan offered.

You are the best brother on light!

with delight Xie cried rega, throwing the arms round Ivan a neck.

Will be enough to embrace, we already big laughed Ivan.

Brothers went to play, and on Ivan Road is imperceptible you threw a black box in a garbage can.

Questions and tasks As you think why the elder brother did not notice at first, what is his younger brother kinder and more friendly, than he?

To that did the younger brother teach the senior in this history?

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Children have

Children have Whether you demand from parents that they carried out the promises?

How to teach parents to reckon with opinion of the children?

As you think, children will do much harm to themselves if to give them the full freedom?


Whether a creative task It is necessary to children stro guest?

Divide children into groups.

Children have to present that they parents and to think up strict rules of behavior in a family.

After as representatives from groups will tell that that they priduma whether, the teacher discusses together with children what of rules are important for each family.

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You will

You will You will be late for lessons, You will pick up remarks!

Grandson Even if I will oversleep, The book I will read up all.

There watch the spy, Want to capture hiM. You disturb me all the time, You so bother me!

I to myself will not do much harm, Itself I watch time.

Questions and tasks Whether there is at you a careful grandmother?

Why grandmothers often care of the adult grandsons how about the small?


Whether you accept care of adults, even if to you it it zhtsya by the persuasive?

As adults have to care of children that they are prin Mali with pleasure their care?

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This game

This game It allows children to express physically the positive feelings, thereby promoting to development in a class of group unity.

This game helps constraining children more close to communicate with others.

Exercise quite suits for class warming up at the beginning of school day.

Carrying out it, you show the aspiration to see before yourself the uniform solid group uniting all pupils of a class, irrespective of the level of their sociability.

Instruction Sit down, please, in one big circle.

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