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All right, I will

All right, I will I cannot, the grandmother.

My mother without memory lies, I have to rescue a grass to bring that to it I will return life las.

Rescue of mother a great cause thoughtfully a program the Babayaga cooked.

All right, I will feed you and I will show the way, but only you have to pay for the help.

Than I will pay?

There is at me neither money, nor food, odezh dy Ivan became sad.

You have a beauty.

Give me the beauty before the babayaga laid down.

Take that you want, the grandmother, only help.

The Babayaga was delighted, let in Ivan, fed with porridge and put bed.

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Mice of wons

Mice of wons At a maslyatok hats, At children slippers From V.

I. G book about r about d and l about in about y, E.

I. R and d and N about y, Vospi taniye of the correct speech, Uchpedgiz, .


There were mice as that time To have a look, what time is it now.

Time, two, three, four Mice pulled weights.

The terrible ring was suddenly distributed.

Mice of wons escaped.

I will buy a fife, I will go to the street.

More loudly, a pipe, play the pipe!

We play, You Vod!

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Quantity Valuable reashch nya The stock is absent.

Quantity game k .

Rules All players have to be divided into equal teams with identical number of players in everyone.

Players of both teams get up the friend opposite to the friend and be rutsyanutsya by hands.

By means of draw is defined to manda which will begin game with words Who is necessary to you choose, Yes look do not lose!

We will break off your chain And we will take away children of all.

Water igrykola your chain is strong, Take away the player.

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For example, useful

For example, useful It is very important to give examples.

For example, useful tutorial instead to show a film about the pride, which, ultimately, collapse and hatred.

But the films must be accompanied by an explanation in the debates.

Talk about other issues relieves tension.

This is ongoing work, because the ego of a man growing all the time.

But if there is an understanding that man is created in such a nature, and not he himself so behaves, and something inside of him pushes him, and if we teach your child this observation ourselves, it will be easier to cope with all manifestations of their nature.

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In other

In other Part two Combine several principles children need to Express themselves, and not only words, to act and to constantly discuss their behaviour the current and desirable.

In other words, this is not a momentary action, but a process requiring time the groups.

But in children it goes fairly quickly.

It's amazing how fast they all learn and change.

And why do they have to hide spikes?

Spikes do not hide, and turn in the opposite relationship with others.

But when I break out and I want to devour the offender, do not feel that want to contact theM. I want to remove it from itself!

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Do not live

Do not live On the other hand, try not to control each its step and do not suspect its everyone day.

It humiliates, and the humiliation only aggravates at the teenager chuv fault stvo.

Do not live only an illness of the child.

Find for yourself to an inta resny occupation.

Then there will be an opportunity to carry away this occupation child.

Joint interesting business will help it much more pain she, than any admonitions, hysterics and restrictions.

Keep advantage in any situation and do not give up.

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