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They years

They years For children it is not very ponravitsa But this will be the training, which has no replacement.

Do you propose to study the life through observation?

We spend a lot of time and money on children.

They years old in school, but due to the fact that we cannot provide individual approach, don't teach their life, all this turns out to be inefficient.

They leave school blank mi though in vain spent time.

Something they caught, but actually modern schoolleaving certificate can be obtained knowledge for a couple of years.

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The adult

The adult Library of the Logopedist ^ C Development of phonemic perception in children of early age J .

Game Be attentive!


The adult asks the child put so many mosaics geometrical figures, a game Fet, how many time you would will hear a syllable @@@; lay out from a mosaic rhythmic drawing syllabic tse kyka kidneys kyka ABOUT ABOUT OO Option.

Exercise on fixing of concept about the scheme rhythM. The adult asks think up the rhythmic drawing and lay out it from mosaic roofing felts.

look at the drawing and say a syllable you, pressing finger on each of mosaics and observing pauses, and we we will write down you on the tape recorder.

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Asking everything

Asking everything The heart told the person by chesky voice Kind Asking, put me on a wound of Vinagi, and everything at it will begin to live.

Asking everything made as advised it an ox shebny heart.

Only she put a heart on a wound of Vinagi, as its wound at once healed.

Since then Vinaga did not tease more sister and always was to it very kind.

Questions and tasks to the fairy tale As you think why from a teardrop of the Moth the magic was born heart?

What was this a pigeon?

On a place of the Moth you would depart for the sister?

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Otpus tit a shebear

Otpus tit a shebear And you satisfy my request release it with a bear cub podobru to pozdorov.

It will not touch anybody and to offend.

You on obey me, release it!

Thought, peasants consulted and agreed.

Otpus tit a shebear and a bear cub wherever one wishes.

But bears did not escape in the wood, and the boy followed.

Medve the zhonok began to ask to tell again the boy the new fairy tale.

People saw it and speak And pastushonok it was right that to catch a shebear, not only force is also necessary, and still something.

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And how to react

And how to react Parents feel that lose credibility.

Children check our reaction to what can and what cannot.

If he de barks something prohibited, measures permitted us and tries to expand beyond bounds.

And how to react if he is acting out of spite?

To show him how you start to do to spite each other and what if leads your selfishness is happy, as you fight.

And what mutual won numerous Shu you can come by removing competition.

Competition is good, on condition provided that you are competing together to achieve the best result, and no matter who wins, but the important result achieved competition .

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Hunters arrange

Hunters arrange Catching of monkeys Description of games y The children representing monkeys accommodate on odes ache to the party of a platform where there are devices for a manhole niya walls, towers or benches.

On protivopolozh ache to the party of a platform there are playing, you divided the tutor, it is hunters of monkeys.

Obezya ny imitate everything that see.

Using it, hunters want to entice monkeys and to catch theM. Hunters arrange among themselves about what they will do the movements, come to the middle plo shchadka also reproduce the movements conceived by theM. As soon as hunters come to the middle of a platform, monkeys get on a tower and from there observe for movements of hunters.

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