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SDVG symptoms

SDVG symptoms cannot wait for the turn.

According to these criteria, the otvlekayemost which for the first time appeared at the nineyearold child, not will be considered as SDVG sign.

It should be noted that disturbing frustration neurosises, depression, stressorny factors are not the reason of SDVG.

SDVG symptoms lead to emergence of considerable school problems, and small decrease progress the four on physics at the teenager who studied perfectly well earlier it too not SDVG.

The differential diagnosis at SDVG is carried out with such pathological states, as posttraumatic encephalopathy, neurosises, a tserebroastenichesky syndrome at somatic diseases, consequences of neuroinfections and some other the pathological conditions of tab.

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Mother, and where

Mother, and where No, viewfinder, I cannot ruin such clever child, the padishah answered.

While the boy went home, servants of the padishah seized his father also brought into the palace.

The boy home came, sees there is no father.

Mother, and where father?

The sonny, your father was taken away by the padishah's servants.

The boy returned to the palace, put to the padishah's feet the scarf with gold also said The padishah, you gave me gold, I thought that it is a gift, but, it appears, you decided to pay off with me blood of mine father.

The padishah showed on the father and asked Unless this was settled by your father?

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If he claps

If he claps Jvl, cotton s j.

L The stock is absent.

Quantity game k .

Rules All players stand in the row the person to the driving.

If he claps one time, all participants have to play and have fun, then the driving claps two times, then all players have to stiffen on the same place and in that pose, in which were.

about The driving can slap two times in a harmony shi several times in a row.

Participants dolzh ny to remain on a place and to be very much vn matelny to listen, what cotton then will follow.

about That participant who did not freeze in time, bowls off.

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P. Uenderir. The shader

P. Uenderir. The shader According to L.

To S.

Vygotsky, there is the fifth age crisis crisis of teenage age near years.



The shader is written about decrease in a hyperactivity with age.

Raised physical activity can be replaced by internal feeling of concern.

In teenage age the impulsiveness which sometimes is combined with comes out on top aggression of Zuddas A.

et al.

, .

Emotional development of teenagers with SDVG, as the rule, is late that is shown by the unbalance, irascibility underestimated selfassessment.

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One person

One person On think, who and as can help you with it.

Sketch Employment Children share on couples.

One person the skilled master or di rector of firM. He has to think up clever questions for this purpose, who will come will come to get a job to it.

AS THE CROW DID NOT MANAGE TO PECK THE GRASSHOPPER Laotian fairy tale Once madam a crow saw a grasshopper he on zele the number a leaflet dozed, and she passion as wanted it skle to vat.

But here the guy a grasshopper regained consciousness from a sleepiness, lifted also told a head Madam of a raven, make favor, guess my riddles.

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When we arrived

When we arrived Therefore I very much love with mother from to dykhat, and my sister too loves.

When we arrived on giving, I and the sister went with mother to the wood and collected gr there and berries, but then mother was tired.

She wanted a little to have a rest in a chair in a shadow and to read books.

Then we with se system decided to take care of mother.

We went one in the wood also picked berries and mushrooms there.

We gathered a full jar bilberries and basket of mushrooms, and still bouquet of flowers.

Then went to mother and all put to her feet that she was glad.

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