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Caught we shi pass

Caught we shi pass Playing, not in time to run out from a circle mousetraps, are considered as the caught.

Caught we shi pass into a circle and increase thereby the size mousetraps.

When the most part of mice is caught, children change roles, and game is resumed.

It is possible to repeat game times.

Pranila and r y It is possible to lower the linked hands only on slo vu crack.

After the mousetrap slammed, nel zya to mice to lick under hands standing around or to break off hands.

Instructions to carrying out game The tutor watches, that children proizno To Sealy verses expressively, quietly, doing the logical accents, without chanting each syllable.

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Anything Brought the guy directly to the tsar, he bowed down to the father also told the sovereign with the spouse For great honor it is grateful.

Only I to you not rovnya and gosuda the revy soninlaw to be unworthy, after all I to a family of the lowest.

Therefore I ask you if it is possible, do not do it, that after not to repent.

Anything that you a low sort, the sovereign answered it, I will want so high you will become.

Your Happiness works for you, guy.

Take this ring.

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It is useful

It is useful The child can independently draw a sansevieria a pike tail long straight lines big round brush, porolonovy small brush.

It is useful for drawing if the kid runs a hand from top to down on listochkam during supervision, then suggest to repeat this movement on easel dry.

Take the child's handle in the, showing the movement from top to down on the horizontal plane.

Even with a gouache set from four paints it is possible to present in drawing set of shades.

Let the coloristic scale as much as possible will come nearer to to color palette of your houseplants.

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He closes

He closes Sh ag at to steps The stock is absent.

Quantity uchast nicknames and more.

On a platform define a place driving, on rasstoya scientific research institutes of m from it draw a line house.

Rules Choose driving which turns facing a wall or a tree.

He closes la's eyes tributes.

Players settle down a rank behind line in m from the driving.

Driving slowly and loudly says Walk quicker, I will look back fade!

Time, two, three.

And quickly looks back.

While the driving speaks, each of players does on to the direction to it some steps or short dash, and then stops and costs not to a sheva lyas until driving again turns away.

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At what age should

At what age should In other words, compliance.

At what age should a person sozda their family?

I got married at twentyfive years.

But why it was impossible to do on years before?

It's not about age, but in development.


However, the development includes and physiological aspects.

Say, thinking evolves and changes to fifteen years.

I repeat, everything depends on how we will give the children quickly and PRA Vilna to develop.

You want to say that development can beat?

The children of my students who receive not even in full the education that I speak, I see guys and girls to years already absolutely ready for normal healthy family life.

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You are the best

You are the best Hold a chocolate.

You want, I on the computer will teach you to play?

Ivan offered.

You are the best brother on light!

with delight Xie cried rega, throwing the arms round Ivan a neck.

Will be enough to embrace, we already big laughed Ivan.

Brothers went to play, and on Ivan Road is imperceptible you threw a black box in a garbage can.

Questions and tasks As you think why the elder brother did not notice at first, what is his younger brother kinder and more friendly, than he?

To that did the younger brother teach the senior in this history?

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