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We said

We said This, of course, causes harmful to the child.

Perhaps this is the reason for the phenomenon of so many problems in the latest generation.

There is no substitute for mother and her milk at least, milk nurse.

To summarize.

We said that the integral education of leaves the child is a particularly impressive, with whom he then goes through life using their attitude to the world, as an exemption from the wrong attitude to the world the surrounding.

He is not detached from life, but rather included as dei relevant part, and it has an inner core, which properly direct him throughout life.

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Leaders Other participants are about the holes.

Leaders have to roll each other a ball, hundred crowding to get to one of holes.

If one of leaders gets to a hole, he has to run up to a ball quickly and to lift it.

Other players run up in the different the parties, then the leader shouts I shoot!

Everything, vklyu tea him, have to stand on a place, and the leader tries to get in one of an uchastna k.

If the ball gets to the player, it becomes on the leader's place, and game begins anew.

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And we should

And we should If such a collision is, then you as the organizer of the process of learning Part one tion, sociologist and researcher, and do things wrong.

And we should to know how to lead society and man to the good, harmonious between them to the state.

And what would we be without them developed?

But let envy, love of honor and glory pushing me in my personal development that I was the AK tive useful part of society and was able to promote him to equality, to Garmo research Institute for unity.

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The rajah

The rajah And on that city the youthtykovka, and next morning it just went approached the imperial palace.

The rajah already since dawn sat at a window also waited who will be the first.

He saw pumpkin and called younger daughter Here, look who was sent you by your destiny!

Well so, the tsarevna answered, I agree.

Raj the husbandtykovka organized a wedding, and after a wedding with the young wife went home.

The rajah did not give the daughter any dowry also carried out it without any honors.

Tsarev on with the husband one on foot went on the road.

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The adult

The adult Occupation Purpose formation of range of voice characteristics on the basis of exercises in use of onomatopoeias and, at, oh, and various loudness.

Equipment tape recorder; subject pictures.

Operations procedure.

The adult gives tasks.

Look at the picture and listen to a sound on the tape recorder the big plane a sound [at] loud; J With Library of the Logopedist ^ s Development of phonemic perception in children of early age the small plane [at] silent; big doll [and] loud; small doll [and] silent; big hare [about] loud; little hare [about] silent; big horse [and] loud; little horse [and] silent.

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All of us children

All of us children Encouraging these games, you encourage an arbitrariness in relation to the living being.

Let's assume for an instant that live and absolutely safe butterfly flushed from the Tanyushkiny palM. Can whether you for the same instant to present that any huge the hypothetical being seized the kid only to look and to an otp to stit?

It is incomparable?

Biological ethics so do not consider.

All of us children the nature, fine and equivalent before her face.

In conditions ecological crisis people will be able to keep fragile Bios of the planet, which we will grow up in awe of life.

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