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This game

This game It allows children to express physically the positive feelings, thereby promoting to development in a class of group unity.

This game helps constraining children more close to communicate with others.

Exercise quite suits for class warming up at the beginning of school day.

Carrying out it, you show the aspiration to see before yourself the uniform solid group uniting all pupils of a class, irrespective of the level of their sociability.

Instruction Sit down, please, in one big circle.

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Questions Questions and tasks Why the heroine of the poem wants to do everything without pointer parents?

How you think, whether correctly it distributes the time?

What is the time in day study, and how many borrows from you rest?


You distribute when and than are engaged, or it is done by your parents?

Creative task When to children it is not necessary care Divide children into groups.

Each group makes two sleep ska affairs in which the help and care of parents is necessary; also put, which children would like to do, without control of adults.

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