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And since

Because it is such a romantic movie!Is the psychologists say that the yearold girl who has seen this the film, saw in it a beautiful and easy way to success.And since the film was extremely popular at that time and it was viewed by millions of people, he led such catastrophic consequences.In other words, we must understand that a person perceives all he has to show how true story.At any age?Even if it is an adult he, too, like a child.You know how adults love to watch cartoons.

Mother You got out of hand

How you think, the old teacher well brought up the son?Why the son of the teacher said to Kostik that the grandmother at banishes to it gifts?Sketch Conversation not hearttoheart Gets out three children.One person from couple plays a role ma Teri, another the father, the third the son.Children read a sketch on roles, and then discuss it on questions.Mother You got out of hand again, To you only to take a walk!You do not do anything, You do not respect anybody.Son I did not ask me to give birth, You on yourself have to expostulate.

Lane. mu to process

Eventually, that

Be not afraid.At me in a workshop the spider line does not ruin, and rescues.It strong, sticky and perfectly darns wings, became to persuade a bumblebee ezhikh.Eventually, that agreed, and wings were dexterously and are accurately darned.Thanks, ezhikha.In your pads even the web becomes dobra, the bumblebee buzzed, gaining height.Ezhikh did not answer, it was waited by other customers.By the evening it noticed that it finished all spider lines.

This way I would

This does not necessarily have to be high topics, we can talk about sa the most ordinary things.This way I would awaken and adolescents involved in the discussions concerning the possibility to negotiate with each other and to unite.Let them argue and communicate, how they used to, but on subjects near the cue to the desired content.So we will be able to educate them, to bring to the good, a higher state.What themes?Topics about the meaning of life, about the causes of what is happening in the world.

In hard cases

Hyperactivity during this period can be option of normal development, the caused temperament or strict requirements of adults.On violation specify weight and chronic nature of problem behavior of Campbel S.Century, Ewing L.J., .Lack of focus of behavior sets thinking on existence of SDVG.In hard cases excess physical activity accepts character of a rastormozhennost.Besides, at such children the minimum statikomotor insufficiency often meets, dispraksiya socalled awkwardness Trzhesoglava .

All right, I will

I cannot, the grandmother.My mother without memory lies, I have to rescue a grass to bring that to it I will return life las.Rescue of mother a great cause thoughtfully a program the Babayaga cooked.All right, I will feed you and I will show the way, but only you have to pay for the help.Than I will pay?There is at me neither money, nor food, odezh dy Ivan became sad.You have a beauty.Give me the beauty before the babayaga laid down.Take that you want, the grandmother, only help.The Babayaga was delighted, let in Ivan, fed with porridge and put bed.

Mice of wons

At a maslyatok hats, At children slippers From V.I


Valuable reashch nya The stock is absent.Quantity game k .Rules All players have to be divided into equal teams with identical number of players in everyone.Players of both teams get up the friend opposite to the friend and be rutsyanutsya by hands.By means of draw is defined to manda which will begin game with words Who is necessary to you choose, Yes look do not lose!We will break off your chain And we will take away children of all.Water igrykola your chain is strong, Take away the player.

For example, useful

It is very important to give examples.For example, useful tutorial instead to show a film about the pride, which, ultimately, collapse and hatred.But the films must be accompanied by an explanation in the debates.Talk about other issues relieves tension.This is ongoing work, because the ego of a man growing all the time.But if there is an understanding that man is created in such a nature, and not he himself so behaves, and something inside of him pushes him, and if we teach your child this observation ourselves, it will be easier to cope with all manifestations of their nature.

In other

Part two Combine several principles children need to Express themselves, and not only words, to act and to constantly discuss their behaviour the current and desirable.In other words, this is not a momentary action, but a process requiring time the groups.But in children it goes fairly quickly.It's amazing how fast they all learn and change.And why do they have to hide spikes?Spikes do not hide, and turn in the opposite relationship with others.But when I break out and I want to devour the offender, do not feel that want to contact theM

Do not live

On the other hand, try not to control each its step and do not suspect its everyone day.It humiliates, and the humiliation only aggravates at the teenager chuv fault stvo.Do not live only an illness of the child.Find for yourself to an inta resny occupation.Then there will be an opportunity to carry away this occupation child.Joint interesting business will help it much more pain she, than any admonitions, hysterics and restrictions.Keep advantage in any situation and do not give up.

They years

For children it is not very ponravitsa But this will be the training, which has no replacement.Do you propose to study the life through observation?We spend a lot of time and money on children.They years old in school, but due to the fact that we cannot provide individual approach, don't teach their life, all this turns out to be inefficient.They leave school blank mi though in vain spent time.Something they caught, but actually modern schoolleaving certificate can be obtained knowledge for a couple of years.

The adult

Library of the Logopedist ^ C Development of phonemic perception in children of early age J .Game Be attentive!.The adult asks the child put so many mosaics geometrical figures, a game Fet, how many time you would will hear a syllable @@@; lay out from a mosaic rhythmic drawing syllabic tse kyka kidneys kyka ABOUT ABOUT OO Option.Exercise on fixing of concept about the scheme rhythM

Asking everything

The heart told the person by chesky voice Kind Asking, put me on a wound of Vinagi, and everything at it will begin to live.Asking everything made as advised it an ox shebny heart.Only she put a heart on a wound of Vinagi, as its wound at once healed.Since then Vinaga did not tease more sister and always was to it very kind.Questions and tasks to the fairy tale As you think why from a teardrop of the Moth the magic was born heart?What was this a pigeon?On a place of the Moth you would depart for the sister?

Otpus tit a shebear

And you satisfy my request release it with a bear cub podobru to pozdorov.It will not touch anybody and to offend.You on obey me, release it!Thought, peasants consulted and agreed.Otpus tit a shebear and a bear cub wherever one wishes.But bears did not escape in the wood, and the boy followed.Medve the zhonok began to ask to tell again the boy the new fairy tale.People saw it and speak And pastushonok it was right that to catch a shebear, not only force is also necessary, and still something.

And how to react

Parents feel that lose credibility.Children check our reaction to what can and what cannot.If he de barks something prohibited, measures permitted us and tries to expand beyond bounds.And how to react if he is acting out of spite?To show him how you start to do to spite each other and what if leads your selfishness is happy, as you fight.And what mutual won numerous Shu you can come by removing competition.Competition is good, on condition provided that you are competing together to achieve the best result, and no matter who wins, but the important result achieved competition .

Hunters arrange

Catching of monkeys Description of games y The children representing monkeys accommodate on odes ache to the party of a platform where there are devices for a manhole niya walls, towers or benches.On protivopolozh ache to the party of a platform there are playing, you divided the tutor, it is hunters of monkeys.Obezya ny imitate everything that see.Using it, hunters want to entice monkeys and to catch theM


After that children you polnyat exercises independently.Where what figures lie of years Purposes to acquaint with classification of figures by two properties color and form; to fix ideas of geometrical figures; to develop the speech, logical thinking, ability to argue and to prove.Material game field, geometrical figures circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, ovals.Game action two play.At everyone a set of figures.Do the courses in turn.Each course consists that a kla to get to one figure in the corresponding section of the table.


The next day boys again played soccer by the old ball, and this boy again came with the new ball also began all to offer it.But nobody wanted on it even to look.He asked, but boys did not talk to hiM

Part of becoming

That educators once decided one child to do saponi com, another mechanic, the third painter, without worrying about how they are closing be in life.Always achieve everything else myself!Here it is life'll teach you!As a result, people miserable, depressed, suffer from depression.Part of becoming criminals, others did not want to leave home because they do not know how the world works and what it is about comes.The company shall establish such rules that everyone experiences the press Singh and attempts by force to benefit from the middle.

These are cheerful

And here contrary to truth make the head the expressive eyes, a nice smile.dlya it is good to use games in a sandbox easily washing layer mass toys such are at each child.These are cheerful and it is easy the washing plastic animals and birdies multicolored and nice, they are deservedly loved by kids.Here some more plots for kind games of the kid in a sandbox.So, Ducklings got lost.You with the baby help them to get over through mountains and poles in sand, of course!, find a lodge mamyUtki about a pond.

The adult

clap mother cotton a mom mu cotton by; when you hear a cow voice, lift a slice up skin, a kitty voice a fur slice.Exercise in acoustical differentiation of words mu meow.The adult gives tasks.When you hear as the kitty speaks, raise hands up, as the cow hands in the parties speaks.Ma ammu hands in the parties, mimeow hands up.Complication.The adult closes lips the screen and a predla gat to the child when you hear a cow voice, lift a slice up skin, a kitty voice a fur slice.Speed change exercise tell mamama quickly, clapping on a soft brush, mumu mu slowly, clapping on a rigid brush.

After a while

Its golden petals, appear, were skillfully are shaped from metal.After a while again Wang Yu came to a garden and saw, that near its surprising peony there are a young man and the girl, lovers.They held each other by hands, smiled and about what that were whispered.Wang Yu did not want to disturb lovers, left, and in the morning saw a small plumelet of emerald color that lay on to bed beside a peony stalk.Wang Yu home brought it zamecha telny plumelet, thinking that will present it at the first to meeting of the darling.

SDVG symptoms

cannot wait for the turn.According to these criteria, the otvlekayemost which for the first time appeared at the nineyearold child, not will be considered as SDVG sign.It should be noted that disturbing frustration neurosises, depression, stressorny factors are not the reason of SDVG.SDVG symptoms lead to emergence of considerable school problems, and small decrease progress the four on physics at the teenager who studied perfectly well earlier it too not SDVG.The differential diagnosis at SDVG is carried out with such pathological states, as posttraumatic encephalopathy, neurosises, a tserebroastenichesky syndrome at somatic diseases, consequences of neuroinfections and some other the pathological conditions of tab.

Mother, and where

No, viewfinder, I cannot ruin such clever child, the padishah answered.While the boy went home, servants of the padishah seized his father also brought into the palace.The boy home came, sees there is no father.Mother, and where father?The sonny, your father was taken away by the padishah's servants.The boy returned to the palace, put to the padishah's feet the scarf with gold also said The padishah, you gave me gold, I thought that it is a gift, but, it appears, you decided to pay off with me blood of mine father.The padishah showed on the father and asked Unless this was settled by your father?

If he claps

Jvl, cotton s j.L The stock is absent.Quantity game k .Rules All players stand in the row the person to the driving.If he claps one time, all participants have to play and have fun, then the driving claps two times, then all players have to stiffen on the same place and in that pose, in which were.about The driving can slap two times in a harmony shi several times in a row.Participants dolzh ny to remain on a place and to be very much vn matelny to listen, what cotton then will follow.about That participant who did not freeze in time, bowls off.

P. Uenderir. The shader

One person

On think, who and as can help you with it.Sketch Employment Children share on couples.One person the skilled master or di rector of firM

When we arrived

Therefore I very much love with mother from to dykhat, and my sister too loves.When we arrived on giving, I and the sister went with mother to the wood and collected gr there and berries, but then mother was tired.She wanted a little to have a rest in a chair in a shadow and to read books.Then we with se system decided to take care of mother.We went one in the wood also picked berries and mushrooms there.We gathered a full jar bilberries and basket of mushrooms, and still bouquet of flowers.Then went to mother and all put to her feet that she was glad.

And every

If we can develop them within the framework of such system of education?Yes, we can develop them, say in fifth or sixth grade.And his motivation to be the best in this field should be the desire to benefit society?Yes, only the desire to benefit society.And every time he needs but to emphasize that the society wants to see him that way.Is something very altruistic.I develop, but only for in order to benefit society.Besides, when he goes to work, in society, which, I hope, we will build, it will not earn more than others.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Regret

It for a long

My younger brother!his wife answered.It for a long time me searches, the mother absolutely got exhausted, anything about me without knowing.The prince the Sun and the young man offered each other hands, mudflows for the laid table, started conversation.Here the young man began to ask it The prince the Sun, release the wife though for three days home to stay for a while, the mother will be delighted, at once will become cheerful and all ostal ny will be glad to the sister, and then you again will take away her.Well, I will allow to go home her with you, only you at first show, on what you are good.

Than the friend

How many at you friends?Than you most of all love zani to matsya with the friends?Tell that you could make kind for each of theM

Let's sum up the preliminary

And the man, the opposite is mouth, you need to have a profession, success, society, some space, scope, purpose and only after all this house, wife and children.Let's sum up the preliminary result of what we talked about.If I want to organize educational environment for boys and Devo check, that boys should I give to spend more time on the nature, to give more in cottages and actions on the ground.And the girls need more practice in the house, let them communicate with each other in small groups.

Logopedist's Biblioteia

Equipment big and small toy doggies.Logopedist's Biblioteia Operations procedure..Game Doggie.Adult, displays To Wai to the child a toy doggie, suggests to listen, as she barks avavav!The child together with the adult, and then stoyatelno repeats as the doggie barks.Then adult of hundred Vit on a table an empty box, brings a doggie to a box, that tries to get into it.The adult, threatening a doggie pal tsemets, strictly speaks faugh, it is impossible for a fff!When doggie still time tries to get into a box, the child independently repeats a ban faugh, faugh.

Caught we shi pass

Playing, not in time to run out from a circle mousetraps, are considered as the caught.Caught we shi pass into a circle and increase thereby the size mousetraps.When the most part of mice is caught, children change roles, and game is resumed.It is possible to repeat game times.Pranila and r y It is possible to lower the linked hands only on slo vu crack.After the mousetrap slammed, nel zya to mice to lick under hands standing around or to break off hands.Instructions to carrying out game The tutor watches, that children proizno To Sealy verses expressively, quietly, doing the logical accents, without chanting each syllable.


Brought the guy directly to the tsar, he bowed down to the father also told the sovereign with the spouse For great honor it is grateful.Only I to you not rovnya and gosuda the revy soninlaw to be unworthy, after all I to a family of the lowest.Therefore I ask you if it is possible, do not do it, that after not to repent.Anything that you a low sort, the sovereign answered it, I will want so high you will become.Your Happiness works for you, guy.Take this ring.

It is useful

The child can independently draw a sansevieria a pike tail long straight lines big round brush, porolonovy small brush.It is useful for drawing if the kid runs a hand from top to down on listochkam during supervision, then suggest to repeat this movement on easel dry.Take the child's handle in the, showing the movement from top to down on the horizontal plane.Even with a gouache set from four paints it is possible to present in drawing set of shades.Let the coloristic scale as much as possible will come nearer to to color palette of your houseplants.

He closes

Sh ag at to steps The stock is absent.Quantity uchast nicknames and more.On a platform define a place driving, on rasstoya scientific research institutes of m from it draw a line house.Rules Choose driving which turns facing a wall or a tree.He closes la's eyes tributes.Players settle down a rank behind line in m from the driving.Driving slowly and loudly says Walk quicker, I will look back fade!Time, two, three.And quickly looks back.While the driving speaks, each of players does on to the direction to it some steps or short dash, and then stops and costs not to a sheva lyas until driving again turns away.

At what age should

In other words, compliance.At what age should a person sozda their family?I got married at twentyfive years.But why it was impossible to do on years before?It's not about age, but in development.True.However, the development includes and physiological aspects.Say, thinking evolves and changes to fifteen years.I repeat, everything depends on how we will give the children quickly and PRA Vilna to develop.You want to say that development can beat?The children of my students who receive not even in full the education that I speak, I see guys and girls to years already absolutely ready for normal healthy family life.

You are the best

Hold a chocolate.You want, I on the computer will teach you to play?Ivan offered.You are the best brother on light!with delight Xie cried rega, throwing the arms round Ivan a neck.Will be enough to embrace, we already big laughed Ivan.Brothers went to play, and on Ivan Road is imperceptible you threw a black box in a garbage can.Questions and tasks As you think why the elder brother did not notice at first, what is his younger brother kinder and more friendly, than he?To that did the younger brother teach the senior in this history?

Children have

Whether you demand from parents that they carried out the promises?How to teach parents to reckon with opinion of the children?As you think, children will do much harm to themselves if to give them the full freedom?!Whether a creative task It is necessary to children stro guest?Divide children into groups.Children have to present that they parents and to think up strict rules of behavior in a family.After as representatives from groups will tell that that they priduma whether, the teacher discusses together with children what of rules are important for each family.

You will

You will be late for lessons, You will pick up remarks!Grandson Even if I will oversleep, The book I will read up all.There watch the spy, Want to capture hiM

This game

It allows children to express physically the positive feelings, thereby promoting to development in a class of group unity.This game helps constraining children more close to communicate with others.Exercise quite suits for class warming up at the beginning of school day.Carrying out it, you show the aspiration to see before yourself the uniform solid group uniting all pupils of a class, irrespective of the level of their sociability.Instruction Sit down, please, in one big circle.


Questions and tasks Why the heroine of the poem wants to do everything without pointer parents?How you think, whether correctly it distributes the time?What is the time in day study, and how many borrows from you rest?!You distribute when and than are engaged, or it is done by your parents?Creative task When to children it is not necessary care Divide children into groups.Each group makes two sleep ska affairs in which the help and care of parents is necessary; also put, which children would like to do, without control of adults.

In this case

LOOK!BIRDIE!During supervision over birds fix attention on in the fall actions, movements, habits.In this case children more easily and consciously allocate external signs, features of animals.In the fall in the become empty park we often meet a titmouse.Consider how it is tenacious it grasps for rough bark, moving that up, down.Then show to the child, what thin feet at a birdie and sharp claws on them with which she clings for bark of trees.Have a look, the titmouse inclines a head, quickly lowers the thinthin beak in cracks, shchelochka.

Well, unless

Well, unless it was difficult for us dogadat sya that the unfortunate mule dropped to the left foot and the left side forced down dew from ripe ears!And the judge had to agree with it.But after all it in any way not could understand how brothers guessed that the mule was curve on one eye and besides on the right.The younger brother explained About senor judge!If the owner fed the lame mule to satiety, we would never learn it.But the mule was hungry and on to the course ate around ears, it besides ate around them only with one the parties are expensive with left because on the right could not see wheat the blind right eye.

And than

Old men did not begin to argue.See that the guy from pure tells hearts.They climbed up in a vehicle and went.On the road they began to ask, as usual, the guy about him life.You, the guy, are married?I also married and who for me will go, the guy speaks.And than you are bad?It is bad it is not bad, but did not meet still that that to me it is narrowed.Eh, the sonny, so after all your narrowed today for another in marriage give out.Nastegivay a horse, we will go, we will celebrate your wedding!

Dima too found! Where? About

Behind the roller, but not before them; let's look together oh, stone!Gray, smooth luggage in a small basket.Dima too found!Where?About size?At once there are a lot of stones!Where we them found?What they?Big and small.Put, Danila and Olenyok, in small baskets!Maxim, did not find?Danilka not the greedy boy, let it with you will share.And Olya gave a stone.And now itself look.The tutor prompts to children of the second year of life possible places, where stones could hide.

Only in such

Except actually correctional work the psychologist conducts explanatory work with teachers, together with them develops strategy and tactics of interaction with everyone the hyperactive pupil, makes the individual program of development of such child.Only in such situation the teacher in a class or the tutor in kindergarten can not only carry out in practice an individual approach to the special child, help it, but also to give help to the psychologist and doctor.After all often the teacher sees results medical and psikhologocorrectional impact on the child, as all changes in the child are shown first of all in the educational activity demanding concentration attention, assiduity and strongwilled efforts.

The family

Children have to bring a family relic in an opaque package or and prior to the beginning of a lesson to report to nobody to a bag that this such.Instruction Sit down, please, in one general circle.Today we will talk about our families.The family consists not only of us and our parents, but also of our grandmothers and greatgrandfathers.we have to be grateful to them for the existence on this earth, they gave us a lot of things from this that fills our life with sense and gives us reliable baggage of the vital experience and knowledge.Put the packages before yourself on a floor.

Think up and draw

Questions and tasks to the fairy tale Distribute to children of a card with drawings of leaflets different dere vyev also ask them to thank on behalf of these leaflets a tree for his care of theM


It is especially important to develop thus at them belief that ability to pay attention to various details of world around does life more interesting, and success thus is achieved easier.Instruction Sit down, please, in one general circle.I will ask now to you questions, on which only the real detectives or scouts can answer.You can call any famous detectives or scouts?The real detective has to be able to see everything and to hear, sometimes he needs to be able and it is good to sniff.He has to be able to remember with ease pictures, sounds, voices, smells and so further.

We said

This, of course, causes harmful to the child.Perhaps this is the reason for the phenomenon of so many problems in the latest generation.There is no substitute for mother and her milk at least, milk nurse.To summarize.We said that the integral education of leaves the child is a particularly impressive, with whom he then goes through life using their attitude to the world, as an exemption from the wrong attitude to the world the surrounding.He is not detached from life, but rather included as dei relevant part, and it has an inner core, which properly direct him throughout life.


Other participants are about the holes.Leaders have to roll each other a ball, hundred crowding to get to one of holes.If one of leaders gets to a hole, he has to run up to a ball quickly and to lift it.Other players run up in the different the parties, then the leader shouts I shoot!Everything, vklyu tea him, have to stand on a place, and the leader tries to get in one of an uchastna k.If the ball gets to the player, it becomes on the leader's place, and game begins anew.

And we should

If such a collision is, then you as the organizer of the process of learning Part one tion, sociologist and researcher, and do things wrong.And we should to know how to lead society and man to the good, harmonious between them to the state.And what would we be without them developed?But let envy, love of honor and glory pushing me in my personal development that I was the AK tive useful part of society and was able to promote him to equality, to Garmo research Institute for unity.

The rajah

And on that city the youthtykovka, and next morning it just went approached the imperial palace.The rajah already since dawn sat at a window also waited who will be the first.He saw pumpkin and called younger daughter Here, look who was sent you by your destiny!Well so, the tsarevna answered, I agree.Raj the husbandtykovka organized a wedding, and after a wedding with the young wife went home.The rajah did not give the daughter any dowry also carried out it without any honors.Tsarev on with the husband one on foot went on the road.

The adult

Occupation Purpose formation of range of voice characteristics on the basis of exercises in use of onomatopoeias and, at, oh, and various loudness.Equipment tape recorder; subject pictures.Operations procedure.The adult gives tasks.Look at the picture and listen to a sound on the tape recorder the big plane a sound [at] loud; J With Library of the Logopedist ^ s Development of phonemic perception in children of early age the small plane [at] silent; big doll [and] loud; small doll [and] silent; big hare [about] loud; little hare [about] silent; big horse [and] loud; little horse [and] silent.

All of us children

Encouraging these games, you encourage an arbitrariness in relation to the living being.Let's assume for an instant that live and absolutely safe butterfly flushed from the Tanyushkiny palM


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