Quiz: Which Member of 5 Seconds of Summer Should You Date?

Quiz: Which Member of 5 Seconds of Summer Should You Date?

I decided to make the part two to this a preference so you can chose who you want to end up with ——————————- If you chose Michael… words Michael is always protective over you, he never misses the chance to show you how much you mean to him. Walking down the hallway he constantly has an arm linked around your waist, writing messages up your arms with his fingertips and kissing your cheek. After school one day he finds you after your last class and whisks you away. He stops at a specific spot in the hallway and faces you as you raise your eyebrows for him to explain. When he pulls away he has a concentrated look on his face. If you chose Ashton… words When you said yes to Ashton he felt like the happiest guy in the world, he never thought that a girl would like him back and not only that but you chose him over his 3 best friends. The first thing he decides to do with you is take you to the music rooms and try to teach you how to drum.

5SOS Memory Game

You thought Ashton was perfect. He was a straight A student, he was super attractive, he was musically gifted in every way, and he was one of the few guys that even seemed to notice you. He talked to you more than anyone else did and you would chat between classes sometimes. Your sister, who was a year older than you and also in his grade, liked him too.

Media caption 5SOS perform their single Youngblood and a cover of No Roots by Alice Merton. Track one: Youngblood. You’ve called this the “first album we recorded as adults”. When did you first.

News, Hailey said, “I’ve known [Drake] for about like four years. He’s a great friend. Around the same time that Hailey was non-exclusively dating Bieber, she showed up to the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Oscar Viewing Party with Lewis and the two apparently looked “cozy” — but this race car driver had also been previously linked to Kendall! Hailey, what’s with that? So, when it looked like Hailey was dating the same guy as Kendall, everyone was pretty much thinking, “WTF? The model was spotted with Chandler Parsons multiple times throughout , and the pair even went on a double date with Kendall and Blake, but neither confirmed that they were ever dating.

An anonymous source told E! News , “It’s not serious, but they are definitely into each other. However, both of them claimed they were single. It seems like at least Hailey was telling the truth because she started seeing the Biebs again shortly after the event. But she did delete all the pictures of Shawn off her Instagram, which seems like a weird thing to do for someone who’s just a friend. The couple had previously dated back in and reunited just a month before the engagement.

Although they haven’t dated for very long, the two have known each other for years, so it’s no surprise that Justin chose to take the next step with one of his best friends!

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Check out all of the Biebs’ different hair looks. How sweet and innocent did the Biebs look?! A couple of years later, a shorter cut was the order of the day – but it was still just as adorable! Ahh, this is the classic shaggy Justin Bieber look as sported when he burst onto the music scene. Moving on from the long fringe, Justin debuted a new shorter – but still fluffy – crop.

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Fanfic I am just a girl who loves one direction a lot. I’m a Harry girl but ship Narry hard. I do preferences and I would really appreciate it if you guys read them and give me feed back please check it out in the link and you can request preferences to. The party was big and loud. The party was in full swing as Harry was downstairs partying and you were upstairs still fixing your hair. You walked downstairs in your short, fitting dress and quickly found Harry with Zayn and Perrie.

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#15 – You Walk In On him Wanking (Requested!) {Mature} Calum: You walk in your house after school stressed as ever. But something seemed off at home, Calum wasn’t there to greet you. Suddenly you.

But it backfires on her? But it was because of that break up that he became a recluse, never leaving his room except for food and shows. And it was because of him becoming so reclusive that Calum decided to take him out clubbing one night, where he met you. Of course every time Luke saw Madeline holding hands and kissing Ashton, it stung.

But the night he met you, and every day from then on that you talked, it became a little less painful. If anything, he was glad that Ashton took Madeline off his hands. It gave him the chance to meet you. Plus, Ashton was happy, and although what he did to Luke hurt, Luke still wanted him to be happy. It took Luke awhile to muster up the courage and trust to ask you out on your first official date, but between the time you met until then you guys had a lot of awkward, yet delightful, conversations.

It was during these conversations that you got to see a lot into the mind of the goofy, lanky superstar, learning everything about him ranging from his favorite color to the reason why it was so hard for him to trust people. It was also during these conversations that you began to realize you were falling for this guy, hard and fast.

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Michael Clifford Facts | Facts About 5SOS. If Michael Clifford is your favourite member of the popular, Mikey’s favourite thing about being in 5SOS is getting to meet all the fans. His favourite album of all time is The Best of Queen. Michael’s natural hair colour is blonde.

You and Harry had been dating for a good while. It had been about a year or so. He had specifically told the boys that you were off limits. But you told Liam that it was your decision and Harry backed off plenty of times before you were able to convince him that it was okay. You also missed your period. You called and freaked Harry out telling him you thought you were pregnant.

You scheduled an appointment and Harry was right by your side. She made sure everything was okay. You knew you had to tell Liam. You and Harry went over immediately after and sat Liam on the couch.

What Is Your Soulmate’s Name?

You were talking to Ashton and you were just flirting and having a good time. He took your hand you both walked out of the venue and down to a pretty view. You were excited and super happy.

Michael Clifford is probably the most enterprising member of the Australian band 5SOS. Apart from his unique hair and living on the edge attitude, the guitarist’s dating history is equally interesting.

I’m just a girl who loves to write stories about four aussies. I’ve taken some time off so I’m not writing right now but if you’re looking for a masterlist , you just found it! Thanks for reading and your support! Things you should know about me — English isn’t my native tongue so go easy on me! If you find some mistake or anything, you can tell me! I’ll appreciate if you do that: I keep them in there because that way I can see what I have to write. If I’m not going to write something, I would tell you first.

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Who is your 5SOS boyfriend?

Your lipstick stain is a work of art Hey, hey, hey, hey I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart Hey, hey, hey, hey And I know now that I’m so down Hey! Why was the dog called Ketchup? It just felt right. First name that came to mind. Have you ever had any negative fan experiences? Only when people chasing us almost get hit by cars and stuff like that.

Michael Gordon Clifford (born 20 November, ) is an Australian singer-songwriter and the lead guitarist of 5 Seconds of Summer, along with band members Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin. Michael Gordon Clifford was born in Sydney, Australia on November 20, He is .

Can you do one where you and Michael are cuddling and he see scars from along time ago? Then you can take it from there! Michael x Reader Word Count: This was honestly so bad but I tried x Cuddling had always been something me and Michael had been masters in, even before we started dating. Now we were cuddling, again.

Michael was home from tour for a few weeks and he spent most of his time me or his parents. Our bodies were pressed tightly against each other, and my hands rested on top of his, playing a little with his fingers. I want to see your face. I turned around so my face was maybe an inch or two away from his, our noses not far from touching. He took advantage of it and rubbed his nose against mine, eskimo kissing me.

Michael lifted his arm and let it rest lazily over my waist.

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5SOS Imagines and Preferences

Share this article Share Arzaylea nabbed a spot on the coveted guest-list thanks to her father’s business connections with Kylie’s then-boyfriend Tyga, while Luke scored his invitation thanks to the new-found fandom surrounding his band 5SOS. The couple managed to keep their relationship relatively private for a number of months, before finally spilling the beans in October, when Arzaylea shared a photo of the pair kissing on Instagram.

Australian rocker Luke met YouTube sensation Arzaylea at a party thrown by Kylie Jenner in honour of her sister Kendall’s 18th birthday in August Luke and Arzaylea wasted no time in flaunting their relationship online and were spotted getting cosy at several concerts around Los Angeles.

5SOS front-man Luke Hemmings and his former flame Arzaylea Rodriguez’s rocky romance met its end in May this year. Chrissy Metz has been dating composer Hal Rosenfeld ‘for months’ and This Is.

The way he talks, the way he walks, his amazing smile, and his amazing personality. While visiting Cal and the other boys on tour, you remember that the boy you dated for a year moved here, causing you two to split. You call him and he asks if you want to meet tonight at the little italian resturaunt around the corner from your hotel. You agree and meet him there. When you arrive you and your ex, Jacob, have an amazing time. He actually is in a serious relationship with a girl he met here.

You tell him about tour with Calum and the boys. When the night ends, you give him a hug and agree to catch up again soon. You walk out of the room behing Luke. But Calum likes you, a lot.


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