Spark It Up: How to Convert a Ford or Mopar Distributor to GM HEI

Spark It Up: How to Convert a Ford or Mopar Distributor to GM HEI

Dear Fellow Members, I hesitate to do this my hard drive is only 1gb , but I’m going to solicit advice from the collected Willys “brain trust” on this site. I finally got my 58 cj3b purchased three months ago home this past weekend. I know, I know I should be disbarred from the Willys club for waiting so long, but its a long story so don’t ask. The body is solid and straight, no cancer, very little surface rust and even has a solid tool box. It has all it’s parts and pieces to include the original drive train and the remains of three-point hitch it had during its farm days. Only things missing are the side-view mirror and a spare tire mount. I can’t get the engine to turn manually.

Feature Article: The GM HEI System Explained!

The idea was to explain in detail the steps it takes to properly rebuild a 6 Cylinder Engine. From start to finish, this article goes through every aspect of a rebuild, from tear-down, to the engine shops work, to rebuilding each subsystem, right through to engine adjustment and run-up. This article was completed in the Summer of with really great results.

If you have engine questions, there is a distinct possibility the answers are in this article. The Farm-It-Out Section is now online! This is offered so that anyone not having the shop or tools to make some of the documented modifications found here on the site can own them too.

A HEI Distributor will NOT work with timing control and the Go Street EFI does NOT have timing control as a feature. Just use the HEI as it is and hook the tach (blue) wire to the HEI. Carm. February 27, You hook them both up to the same spot. styles. February 27,

One minute you can be soft and absorbent over the rocks and trails, the next you can be cranked up to the max for high speed pre-running over the ruts and rocks. As it turns out pre-running can be hard on a stock ignition system. I found this out during a spring trip into the fern covered mountains when some high-speed pre-running fun shook a bug out of the ignition system of my Jeep CJ Several rounds of testing and troubleshooting yielded no cause and no fix for the ailing sparkless stock Ford Duraspark ignition system.

Before spending too much time on it, I decided it was time for an upgrade. They also make them for the 6 cylinder engine as well. They’re a durable 1-piece design with the coil and module mounted internally for an easy 1-wire hook-up.

Upgrading to a DUI Distributor on Our ’65 Mustang 6 Cylinder

Remove the primary lead from the terminal post at the side of the distributor. Disconnect the vacuum line if equipped. Remove the distributor cap retaining hooks or screws and remove the distributor cap. Note the position of the rotor in relation to the base. Scribe a mark on the base of the distributor and on the engine to facilitate reinstallation.

The HEI is a great distributor for a street or street/strip car.. A. This cars engine has been much maligned and its muscular styling still conjures up bad memories of gold chains and exposed chest hair, a

Below I describe how I made the switch and solved minor problems. It also doesn’t have points that wear changing dwell and timing and burn reducing current flow and therefore amount of spark. The GMC V8 from Truck engine sizes were , , and cubic inches. They introduced the HEI distributor in The HEI cap is about an inch bigger in diameter causes problems later, see below and somewhat taller no problem under a GMC truck hood.

The Distributor I bought a distributor from a ’76 full size Pontiac equipped with a cubic inch V8. Make sure that the one you get: Has a vacuum advance later models do not 2. Has wire connections for only two wires.

Distributor vacuum., run it or plug it??

Issues I had to deal with: The old mounts will not bolt up to the V8. I had to use the V8 mounts from the original vehicle. The fuel line from the tank to the fuel pump is on the wrong side of the V8 engine. The fuel return line is okay.

models with a six cylinder engine utilize an HEI distributor with an external coil. For these particular vehicles, connect one tachometer lead to the TACH terminal on the ignition coil and the other one to a suitable ://

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My only disclaimer is that you should read all of this before starting, and take your time. The information here applies to various Buick V8 and V6 engines, so make sure you understand the details as they apply to your engine. Your mileage may vary and your car may be different than mine was. The usual “Do this at your own risk” disclaimers apply.

This is a pretty long and detailed page, so give it a good read before you start this process. Use common sense and if you mess things up, it’s not my fault.

 · Stock GM HEI Distributor & Coil in a vintage Camaro Z DRAWBACKS TO THE HEI SYSTEM Using the reference marks you made in step one, install the Ready to Run distributor into the engine ensuring that the distributor shaft lines up with the oil pump ://

I would like to state that my truck is not computer controlled. If your truck has an ECM, I would not advise doing this because you will need to change everything. This is the only thing that is controlled electronically on mine. I decided to change this over to just a regular HEI without the ESC module and knock sensor since I had already done just about everything else. Below is a brief description of the ESC system. This will not affect emissions. If you are like me and have to pass emission inspections, changing the distributor will not keep you from passing.

The Electronic Spark Control ESC system is a closed loop system that controls engine detonation by modifying the spark advance when detonation occurs. The amount of retard is a function of the degree of detonation. Controller The ESC controller processes the sensor signal and applies it to the distributor to adjust spark timing. The process is continuous so that the presence of detonation is monitored and controlled.

The controller has no memory storage. Sensor The ESC sensor is a piezoelectric device, mounted in the engine block that detects the presence or absence and intensity of detonation by the vibration characteristics of the engine. The output is an electrical signal that goes to the controller.

The Ultimate 88-98 Performance Toolbox

My eleven year old Nissan Maxima caught fire while I was driving. Fuel was obviously involved. My son and I just managed to escape.

 · Instructions for Installation of Summit HEI Distributors Equipped with an Adjustable Vacuum Advance Kit 1. Remove the air cleaner if necessary to gain access to the base of the pdf.

Tweet When you are working with a vehicle that makes around 65 horsepower to the rear wheels, you need that power to work as efficiently as possible — loosing up hill drag races to semi trucks can be embarrassing. If you have ever owned a classic car with a stock inline 6 cylinder, you know exactly what I am talking about. We are going to be yanking the dying engine for a HP ci in a few months, but I wanted to get all I could out of the engine before it is yanked.

Even though it ran, it ran rough. I started with all the simple updates — new air filter, PCV, spark plugs, and a oil change. None of that helped. Next up I installed a rebuilt Autolite carburetor. A Load-O-Matic distributor is an old bit of technology and provided one of the first versions of a vacuum advance distributor.

While this was the hot ticket when it was new, it has since been deemed archaic and troublesome. All of this action is controlled through an integrated Spark Control Valve looks like an externally mounted power valve to relegate the blend of vacuum sources. Worst part of all, these distributors had no previsions for mechanical advance.

Can u run a MSD 6al box with stock hei distributor?

Feeding the coil with 14 volts instead of 7 automatically improves spark intensity, improving throttle response, fuel mileage, and maybe even adding a bit more power, too. The average person thinks anything from the factory is automatically the best it can be, but real car people know new technology usually means improvement. Honest Ford guys will admit that the Duraspark system has not lived up to its name, and replacement boxes are even less reliable.

While original factory Mopar ignition boxes are good, the design for both the Ford and Mopar boxes suffers from an often overlooked, yet crucial design consideration.

 · The HEI distributor only needs one wire to function. It has to be 12volts at all times with the key on and cranking so you will not use the old ignition coil wire. The power wire connects to the distributor cap terminal labeled ://

Thus polarity of the reluctor signal is critical to proper function. The falling edge of this square wave is used as the trigger event which becomes the rising edge when the optoisolator inverts the signal. HEI does not use the reluctor for dwell control, this is accomplished in the module. Dwell needs to be independent of RPM. Variable reluctor output is RPM dependent with regard to both its width and amplitude of its output.

The only thing constant with a variable reluctor output is the location of the zero crossing point with respect to the passing tooth. Be sure to get the variable reluctor pick-up wires connected properly. Reversing the variable reluctor sensor wires and thus the polarity of the sensor causes the leading voltage to go negative first and the electronics ignores the positive going transition.

Thus trigger signal, if ever recognized, is the falling edge of the voltage as the end of the tooth passes. This tells MegaSquirt-II where the crankshaft is positioned so that timing advance can be calculated appropriately.

Damaged Mallory HEI – You Break It, You Fix It!

In addition, here are a few things to note: Some later models used a 5-pin module for a knock sensor Computer controlled engines used a 7-pin module When replacing a points distributor, you should use a distributor with the 4-pin module. You could also use a distributor with a 5-pin module and replace the module with a 4-pin one. That would require plugging the extra hole in the housing where the connector for the knock sensor wiring used to be.

Adjustable shocks are a great thing. One minute you can be soft and absorbent over the rocks and trails, the next you can be cranked up to the max for high speed pre-running over the ruts and rocks.

The high-mileage engine was in fair running order but it felt unusually sloth like. Checking the timing we found that we were getting no advance at all. On further inspection we narrowed it down to a seized up advance mechanism in the stock distributor. Not wanting to take chances with rebuilding a rusty old dizzy we checked the Summit and Jegs catalogs to price out the MSD combo of a new small block Ford distributor and 6AL box.

Have you seen the pricing on this stuff recently? We searched for a cheaper alternative, but something better than a stock distributor converted to Pertronix or similar. This isn’t a “chintzy” overseas knock-off from a no-name company however. It’s made by Proform , and has a mix of US made components, while the shaft and housing are built by an ISO shop overseas.

350 chevy changed to HEI , need wiring diagram to hook it up .

Today, many musclecar enthusiasts have abandoned points and upgraded to some form of electronic ignition, and still many more would like to, with the few exceptions being those competing with point show-cars. And after all, why not convert? The factory has supplied us and ultimately, the salvage yards with a huge number of electronic ignition systems, not to mention what is available commercially. The factory HEI, which is what will be discussed, offers: Any performance-seeker can order an HEI from a number of aftermarket sources, and it will do the same thing as a properly-prepared factory unit from the salvage yard, except it will eat a hole in the owner’s wallet.

 · wiring hei distributor on chevy belair I have converted to HEI ignition I need help wiring so that I can obtain spark while cranking and when started. I took the resistor block off and was thinking connect all of the wires from the block together should work. that is 2 tans and 2 green wires wiring-hei-distributor-onchevy-belair.

Heres the summary in a nutshell; Replace the resistance wire that ran to your points system, from the fuseblock, with a 12guage wire pink insulated if you want to remain factory compliant and hook it up to the HEI “BAT” terminal. Okay, so you want more; The points system has two wires running to the coil, one is the above mentioned resistance wire.

This wire provides reduced voltage to the coil while the engine is running. The other wire originates from the starter R terminal the 6 stud furthest from the engine block on the starter solenoid. This wire provides full battery voltage to the coil during cranking only. All your old points wiring can be eliminated. Trace both back through the wiring harness for neat removal. If you do, you will be stranded everytime things get moist outside.

There is a small catch on one of the face edges of this lug which needs to be depressed and the lug will pull through towards the “inside” of the fuse block. It takes a bit of patience to remove it. If you want to practice first, and get a few extra lugs new lugs are apparently available from the GM parts counter , visit an autowreckers and pull the engine side fuse block.

GM HEI electronic distributor how to wire and run install DIY

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